How Do You Want To Grow?


Grow your network.
Grow your capabilities.
Grow your influence.
Grow our profession.

Professional growth requires nurturing and attention. SF IABC provides you with a wide variety of opportunities to do just this. All while joining a dynamic and diverse team of volunteers so that you can build connections and make friends!

Interested? Complete this short interest form (it’ll take about three minutes). We will then contact you to talk more and find the right role for you.

About Our Board and Volunteer Team

Our chapter is entirely run by volunteers who lend their expertise and time to ensuring that we create value for our members in everything we do.

Our current team has over 25 talented, dedicated individuals representing various career levels, communications disciplines and geographic regions in the Bay Area.

SF IABC has garnered a reputation within IABC’s international chapter leadership community of having a highly engaged volunteer team and we have presented at conferences and advised other chapters!

Learn more about the various ways you can get involved with SF IABC.

Volunteer Roles & Portfolios

Our team is made up of:

  • Executive Board Members – President, Past President, Executive Vice President, Portfolio VPs (IABC members only)
  • Board Members (Directors and Managers) – Serving on various committees (IABC members only)
  • Committee Volunteers – Non-member positions on our volunteer team (included in board meetings and communications)
  • Ad Hoc Volunteers – Non-board volunteer opportunities open to members and non-members

We are organized by portfolios (each of which is led by a VP and comprised of various committees):

Communications Portfolios

Communications – Content Strategy
Create content that captures, covers and promotes our members, local companies and trends, chapter offerings and professional development events.

Communications – Channel Strategy
Manage how our brand is represented and shape our voice on channels including our website, newsletter, promotional materials, video, branded items and social media.

Member Portfolios

Contribute to the full membership lifecycle – from recruitment and new member outreach to current member surveys.

Special Programs
Build awareness about SF IABC and connect with communicators through our Mentorship Program, Independent Communicators’ Roundtable, Net9 and other networking programs developed for specific interests and audiences.

Professional Development Portfolio

Professional Development
Conceptualize, organize and produce in-person or virtual professional development and networking events which can be tailored for different segments of communicators.


Learn more about the committees and roles in each of these portfolios.

Expectations & Time Commitment

SF IABC board involvement should integrate with your life, not inhibit or interrupt it. We’ll work with you to determine the role, commitment and responsibilities that are right for you!

  • We ask for a one-year commitment from all volunteers.
  • The board term for all executive board (i.e., VP and above) is two years, unless the chapter President and volunteer mutually agree to end the term sooner.
  • On average, most roles require about 5-7 hours spread over the course of a month.
  • You are strongly encouraged to attend board meetings and portfolio meetings.
  • You must be an IABC member to serve in an official board role. Non-members are welcome and encouraged to join our team as a volunteer.

Learn more about the various ways you can get involved with SF IABC.

Don’t have a whole lot of time? Can’t make a year-long commitment? Contact us about our Ad Hoc volunteer opportunities.

Professional Development

Yasmin Sidi, Director, yasminsidi@gmail.com

Tayler Banjar, Professional Development Manager, tayler.canjar@gmail.com

Tyana Harte, Professional Development Manager, tyana_harte@yahoo.com

Suki Skye, Networking Events Manager, SF COMMingle, sukiskye19@gmail.com

Carolyn Price, Ad Hoc Volunteer, 680 Saturday COMMingle, seadollar2003@yahoo.com

Erika Wah, Ad Hoc Volunteer, Marin COMMingle, ewah@me.com

Special Programs

Courtney Sims, Director, courtney.sims@norcal.aaa.com

Stacy Lavilla, Mentorship Program Manager, slavilla@gmail.com

Michele Landry, Volunteer -- ICR, Webinars, michele.landry@taniscomm.com

Julie Knight, Net9 Manager, juliequixote@att.net

Natasha Terk, Net9 Manager, natasha.terk@writeitwell.com

Shilpa Maggon, Eventbrite Coordinator, shilpakapoor86@yahoo.com

Joyce Davis, Ad Hoc Volunteer, ICR Luncheons, sq1creativeca@comcast.net

Channel Strategy

Gabriel Galdamez, Director, gabrielgaldamez@gmail.com

Melissa Carroll, Email Marketing Manager, mmcarroll203@gmail.com

Sally Salay, Email Marketing Manager, shsalay@gmail.com

Devon Drake, Social Media Manager, Facebook, ddrake57@comcast.net

Morgan St. Clair, Social Media Manager, Event Publicity, morganstclair@gmail.com

Amanda Tran, Social Media Manager, Twitter, amandatran95@yahoo.com


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