ICR News: February 2016 Meeting Highlights

ICRGetting Noticed and Building Relationships on LinkedIn

By Molly A. Walker with notes by Jeff Leslie

Best-selling author and LinkedIn coach Ted Prodromou generously shared a bounty of helpful suggestions on how to get noticed and build relationships on the “world’s largest professional network,” LinkedIn, at our February 17 SF IABC Independent Communicators’ Roundtable session in San Francisco.

Noting that “first impressions are critical,” Prodromou urged the use of a four-step process to create an effective LinkedIn profile that gets noticed and impresses. These include creating (1) attention; 2) interest; 3) desire and 4) action.

Stand out from your competitors

Optimize your profile to stand out from competitors and get people to view it. When creating a headline, consider unchecking the box that directs LinkedIn to display your job title, and edit your title so it is descriptive. Always ask yourself: so what? Consider using graphic software like www.canva.com to create a header graphic. Remember that how you are ranked depends on your profile title, published content and keywords (use skill keywords in your text).

Create a custom header

Make your profile interesting by creating a custom header. Always include three published items and a good image with each. Write a story about yourself: what you do, why you do it, whom you are helping, etc. Make paragraphs short and crisp. Any video you post in this section will be displayed at the end of the summary section. In response to the question, how far back should you go in listing jobs, Ted responded, “As long as it’s relevant.”

Be interesting

Don’t just include recreational interests but things you do that make you more interesting. This is a good place to add key skill words. Start conversations with people on LinkedIn –don’t just hard sell.

Include information about contacting you

It’s a good idea to fill out information on how to contact you. Also be sure to include any honors and awards you have received.

What about premium services?

When asked about upgrading your LinkedIn account, Ted responded that it depends on how you are using the platform. You can use LinkedIn’s InMail feature (included with premium service) to post more content.  It also enables you to connect directly with people you want to reach. 

How do you grab people’s attention?

Ted notes that 40 percent of profile views come from the “People Also viewed” section (located on the right side of your account page). This is why your title (how you describe yourself) is most important.  

Start conversations

Consider using LinkedIn’s happy birthday feature to connect with colleagues. It is an easy way to stay engaged with people and start conversations that can lead to new business. 

Check out the new mobile app for LinkedIn, if you‘re not using it already.

It all seems so easy and makes so much sense when an expert is sharing ideas and best practices with you. Now to put it all in place!

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