President’s Blog: #iloveyoga & Who Are These People?

SFIABC 2016-2017 Board
(Photo credit: Tess Robeson)

On August 6, twenty board members and volunteers dedicated most of their Saturday to SF IABC and walked out excited, energized, and dedicated to posting #iloveyoga all over social media. What went on in that glass-enclosed conference room?

We decided who we wanted to be. We turned to illustration to capture all the traits of an ideal board member. Together, we aspired to countless adjectives and attributes, including being forward thinking, passionate, in tune with industry trends, smart, and flexible. (Hence the #iloveyoga hashtag, which originated as a t-shirt on one of our caricatures.)

We talked about how we present ourselves to you. “Live the Brand” is part of our team philosophy, and we agreed that our job is not to convince you to join IABC or remain a member, but to show you just how valuable and enjoyable it is to be a part of this community.

If you meet any of us, you’ll get a flavor of the diversity of our membership. We represent different industries, specialize in different areas of business communications, live and work in various parts of the Bay Area, and span generations. We all love to talk shop and make friends while we’re at it. Get to know us, and you’ll get to know SF IABC. No sales gimmicks or schmoozers here: we’re all about authenticity.

We rallied around a central goal. We capped off the meeting with enthusiastic nods, followed by innovative ideas of how to create value for you, our members, and find ways to engage members and “meet them where they are.” We know that joining IABC is an investment, and we’re committed to making sure you get your money’s worth at the local level. Watch for member-only benefits like the Mentoring Program and Networking Nine, as well as opportunities to get your name in lights with content contributions to our website or as a speaker at an event. I’d list more, but there’s a word limit on this article.

These are just the highlights of our meeting. If you want to know everything we did, you’d have to be “on board!” No seriously, you could still join our board. We’re looking for folks to help us with website management, event planning, and writing, just to name a few opportunities.

Visit for more information or drop me a line and let me know you’re interested. Bonus points if you include #iloveyoga in your message!

Kamna Narain is an independent consultant, serving as a thought partner for employee and leader communications, as well as a life coach. She is President of SF IABC. Check out her special video message from July.

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