5 Tips for Authentic Leadership in Critical Times

By Julie Knight

Michele Wolpe, director of Employee Communications at Autodesk, facilitated a roundtable discussion at our recent Idea Exchange meeting, “Unprecedented: Being a Communicator in a Post-Election World.”

She offered the following five tips to consider before making a public statement about an issue you feel passionate about.

  1. Be Bold. Take a clear stand and make your case.
  2. Be Authentic. Avoid boilerplate/corporate speak.
  3. Be Respectful. Acknowledge that others will have different viewpoints and they are welcome.
  4. Be Timely. It’s important to come out quickly with a message or its impact will be diluted.
  5. Be Unflappable. People will question or resist your taking a stand. Don’t back down. Stay true to your gut and carry on.

Check out her comments in Communicating in a Fake News World.


Michele Wolpe, director of Employee Communications at Autodesk

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Julie Knight is an award-winning, accredited business communicator. Her clients have included The Walt Disney Company, Starbucks, Cisco Systems, McKesson Corporation, and Hewlett-Packard to name a few. Connect with Julie on LinkedIn or missionpossible.strikingly.com.

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