Here in Northern California, another devastating wildfire year has begun. As I write this, the Kincade fire remains active after burning 76,825 acres, with 60% of the fire contained. Evacuations continue across Sonoma County, and elsewhere in the Bay Area, skies are tinged yellow with smoke as residents commute wearing respiratory masks on another “spare the air” day. And the Kincade fire is only just one burning in California right now.

As professional communicators, many of us have had to deal with the fires and/or power outages (or the threat of outages) to our businesses, employees and customers. We’ve had to enact crisis plans, rally volunteers and cover those impacted.

And as people, we’ve been looking to each other and our community for support and empathy. To our SF IABC members and friends in the Bay Area, we are here for you. Please reach out if you need a friend, an extra set of hands or just some relief from the news. Connect with us on Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

For those who want to aid wildfire victims, Executive Board Member and VP of Channel Strategy Kristie King shared a great resource recounting 9 things you can do to help as Kincade, Tick, Getty fires burn. Many thanks to those on our board, in our membership and in the community who are working tirelessly around the clock to help.

The boundaries of SF IABC do not limit us to professional development or networking –- our community is what makes us great. And it is to our community that we say: stay safe, hug your loved ones and know that you have friends here.

Maureen Thompson is president of the San Francisco chapter of IABC and the Global Head of Internal Communications for Box, a leading Cloud Content Management platform.