Member Spotlight: Jeff Rader

By Shayna Keyles After 10 years honing internal messages for the multinational corporation Chevron, Jeff Rader is considering how best to leverage that experience in the next chapter of his career. He reflected on his experience at Chevron, shared his views on the nuances of communications, and discussed his strategies for looking forward. You have […]

President’s Blog: Spotlight on SF IABC’s Very Own Networking Nine

By Julie A. McCrady, SF IABC President Sharing a meal in an intimate, private dining venue, enjoying good company and engaging in thoughtful discussion. Just your average networking event, right? Hardly! But did you know that SF IABC offers that kind of networking event on a regular basis? We do. It’s called Networking Nine, and […]

ICR News: March 2016 Meeting Highlights

Turn Your Ideas into Action with Innovative Thinking By Shayna Keyles Have you ever wondered how creativity works? Did you ever stop to think about why some people are always coming up with new ideas while others return to the same principles over and over again? Do you ever try to break out of old […]

ICR News: January 2016 Meeting Highlights

Getting Comfortable with Social Media By Molly A. Walker with notes by Merry Selk Relevance is the principal reason that independent communications professionals should get comfortable with social media, according to social media and public relations strategist Laurie Kretchmar of Kretchmar shared that perspective in her presentation to the SF IABC Independent Communicators’ Roundtable […]

Design Thinking Isn’t Just for Designers

Communicate Better by Empathizing, Defining, and Testing By Shayna Keyles If you missed out on SF IABC’s March 8th workshop, “Get Big Results with Design Thinking”, don’t worry: I went so I could tell you all about it. And even if you did go, read on so you can re-live the experience and maybe learn […]

Member Spotlight: Corey Connors

By Shayna Keyles Corey Connors views communications as a hybrid discipline, which is apparent both in the way he approaches his role as communications director at Fehr & Peers and in his exemplary efforts to make IABC more accessible to all of its Bay Area members. Though he deviated from the world of communications to […]

President’s Blog: Opportunities Up for Grabs

By Julie A. McCrady, SF IABC President “Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them.” – Audrey Hepburn If you are considering a job change, now just might be the time to launch your search, according to a recent article in (“Top Job Hunting Tips for 2016,” by […]

Be A Ninja, Embrace Chaos, Open Up

How to Manage Your Career in a VUCA Economy by Shayna Keyles On Thursday, February 11th, the San Francisco chapter of IABC hosted a captivating and quite entertaining talk about surviving in the VUCA* economy (*volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). Panelists René Shimada Siegel, founder of High Tech Connect, and Brad Whitworth, senior communication and marketing […]

President’s Blog: Putting Your Career Front and Center

By Julie A. McCrady, SF IABC President Let’s face it. Careers today can get complicated. Sudden layoffs, a decision to follow your interests and move from one industry segment to another, returning to the workforce after caring for children or parents, the onset of health issues or a desire to strike out on your own […]

The Mentoring Program kicks off again this year

By Shayna Keyles We’re excited to announce some major changes to SF IABC’s mentoring program, which kicks off again in 2016 after a brief hiatus. Based on feedback that we received from past mentoring pairs and from current SF IABC members, we adjusted some aspects of the mentoring program to make it a more practical and […]