Committee Directors and Channel Owners

COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP July 2017 — June 2018

The following list reflects committee directors and channel owners for SF IABC’s 2017-18 board year. If you’ew interested in joining a committee, please contact Phillip Sontag, VP, Membership Marketing.




Julie Knight
Julie Knight, writer and editor


Molly Walker
Molly Walker, Instagram channel owner

Jeannine Rucker
Jeannine Rucker, Facebook channel owner

Jeff Rader, LinkedIn channel owner

Denise Donaldson
Denise Donaldson, channel owner, Twitter

Iolanthe Denman, director, Website Content Management

Devon Drake, Co-director, Email Publications (Newsletter)

Gabrielle Galdamez, co-director, Email Publications (Events)




Jeff Leslie
Jeff Leslie
, Co-Director, Networking 9 (San Francisco)

Corey Connors

Corey Connors, Co-Director, Networking 9 (Walnut Creek)
Fehr & Peers