Diversity & Inclusion

Welcome to SF IABC’s Diversity & Inclusion Web page, the online home of the chapter’s Diversity & Inclusion portfolio. The portfolio was launched in mid-2008 under the leadership of Pauline Young.

Because SF IABC is part of a global organization and serves a highly diverse region, the board believes it is important for the chapter to offer resources and programs to engage communicators in discussions on a range of topics that fall under the umbrella of diversity and inclusion, including multicultural communications. We welcome all communicators to participate in our programs and to use and contribute to our growing resource library of diversity and inclusion tools and information.

The Evolution of SF IABC’s Diversity & Inclusion Special Interest Group

Respecting and responding to a rich mosaic of cultures within an organization helps individuals thrive and teams perform to their full potential. This is the motivation behind most corporate diversity and inclusion efforts, although the practice often takes different forms.

Early diversity efforts were directed to primarily addressing demands for affirmative action and equal employment opportunities. As global markets developed and workforces became more diverse, the mandate shifted to awareness and sensitivity training, with emphasis on protocols and etiquettes in doing business with people from diverse cultures around the world. Today, however, diversity and inclusion concerns have grown beyond compliance and protocols and become a business imperative that drives innovation and creates new opportunity

SF IABC recognized the strategic value of diversity and created a diversity and inclusion portfolio in 2008. Our mission is to help raise awareness and provide a forum to share diversity and inclusion experiences and resources. We hope to create a culture that embraces open-mindedness, sensitivity, flexibility and other values that respect individuality and cultural differences and honor our shared humanity.

In June 2008, we kick-started the diversity conversation with a distinguished panel. Since then, we have continued to infuse the idea into other programs. In October 2008, we invited Cathy Campbell, Director of Diversity and Inclusion from Charles Schwab, to lead a discussion at our Networking Nine dinner event on Micro-Inequities. In January 2009, we launched a Diversity & Inclusion Special Interest Group (DISIG) to provide a regular forum for continuous dialogue and engagement.

Multicultural Communications Network (MCN)

Communicating effectively in a global business environment is a vital management skill.

This group aims to generate awareness of multicultural communications as a specific expertise, and raise the bar for effective cross-cultural communications.


Interested in learning more? SF IABC has some great resources:

“Saving Face” from the June 11, 2008 “Intersection of Cultures and Communications.”

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