50 Shades of Competition: Can an Independent Consultant Survive?

From online and on-demand freelance services to limiting contractor policies at corporations to boutique marketing agencies, Bay Area independent consultants find themselves in a 21st century conundrum — do you try and compete with all these entities or join them?

The answers aren’t so black and white. In fact, there’s a whole lot of gray.

Join a facilitated discussion (via video) with SF IABC’s Independent Communicators’ Roundtable. Together, we will explore:

  • The nature of sites like Upwork and Fiverr and whether you should be listed
  • Pros and cons of accepting short- or long-term contracts
  • How to differentiate yourself from boutique agencies and demonstrate value
  • General strategies to remain competitive
  • Tools that can help promote your services

Who should attend:

  • Independent consultants/freelancers specializing in communications, writing, graphic design, videography and other communications disciplines
  • Anyone considering becoming an independent consultant

VIDEO FORMAT: We’re using technology to bring us together! For an inclusive and effective discussion, space is limited to 12 people. That’s right, you won’t lose time in traveling to the meeting and you can attend in your nicest pair of sweats (we’re not judgmental). We’re meeting at noon so you can even “bring” your lunch!

Please only sign up if you can:

  • Attend via video conference (no phone calls from the car)
  • Join us from a quiet place (Starbucks may not be the best option)
  • Stay for the full 90 minutes (we want to hear from everyone and provide an opportunity for intros at the beginning)

Be one of our 12 @ 12! Register now!

Cost: Free for IABC members; $15 for non-members

Cancellation policy: You must cancel by noon, Monday, April 8 to receive a full refund.

Questions? Contact Kamna Narain at 925-216-4746.


Apr 11 2019


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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Kamna Narain
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