Dare to be Deliberate – Level Up Your Career

Have you been managing your job or managing your career? Join us and take your career to the next level — and maybe win Angee Linsey’s book!

So often the only time we think about managing our careers is during performance reviews, or when we are unhappy in our current situation.

But what if you knew the things you could do weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually that would not only take your career to the next level, but also help you thrive at every stage?

Angee Linsey, executive recruiter, career coach and author of Dare to be Deliberate – Level Up Your Communications Career, delivers an action plan to being more intentional in your career. A few key takeaways include:

  • Changing how you introduce yourself and talk to colleagues about the work you do. Move from tactical to strategic when telling your own story.
  • Demonstrate that you know the business – not just how to be a communications professional.
  • Nurture your network in a way that changes the game. Don’t be that person who only reaches out when you need something!

Angee delivers with energy and enthusiasm about a topic she knows well. Through her work as a recruiter and career coach, she has great examples of what to do – and not to do – as you move through your career.

In 2008, Angee created Linsey Careers, a boutique executive search and career coaching firm, with the goal of helping companies find and retain outstanding marketing and communications talent – and helping outstanding practitioners in this field find amazing new opportunities and manage their career with intention.

She has been a featured presenter and keynote speaker at international and regional industry conferences, as well as at academic institutions from Columbia University to the University of Washington.

An award-winning comms pro herself, she understands the sector – and what it takes to succeed in it. Angee held communications roles in corporate and agency environments, as well as served for 25 years in the military – first as a U.S. Army journalist and then as a Navy Reserve Public Affairs Officer. She graduated from the highly regarded School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, and later earned a master’s degree in career development.

In Dare to be Deliberate – Level Up Your Communications Career, a guide for mid-to-senior communicators, along with sharing her own perspective, Angee interviewed 10 comms executives who share their career stories and offer insights for those who seek to be more intentional in their own professional journeys.


Dec 10 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



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