Effective Cross-Cultural Communication from US & UK’s Best [Webinar]

March 27, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Suki Baz
(202) 527-2121

Communicating across your organization can be challenging enough, and even more so if employees are located in multiple locations, doing vastly different roles. When you add international employees to the mix, communicators have to bring a wider range of capabilities to the office.

All are invited to this unique and innovative event where we will have a live discussion between IABC San Francisco and UK chapters. We will be exploring what is different, and what is similar in the way we manage communications in the USA and the UK, with live panels in both locations, inviting contributions from live and online participants. It will be a fun, lively learning experience with fellow business communicators, separated only by 5,000 miles.

In this event, we will explore

  • Cultural differences between UK/US and how to navigate them, and the challenges involved in working together.
  • Assumptions and beliefs that might work in our home markets but not across the Atlantic.
  • How careers are managed in the UK and USA and any differences in the way we promote and establish communicators as leaders.
  • How we recruit and develop communicators; how we view in-house vs. agency expertise and the importance of specialist vs. generalist roles.
  • How to apply these insights on cross-cultural difference to other areas of your career in a global environment.

Who should attend

  • You want to learn how to effectively communicate with your global teammates (UK, European, and/or global).
  • You are a student or early career interested in a global company or role.
  • You are an internal communicator who must plan and implement successful global corporate communication tactics.

Speakers for this panel include

  • Mike Pounsford, President UK IABC and founder of Couravel
  • Howard Krais, President-elect UK IABC and Communications Director GSK
  • Tim Hart, Assistant Director at NEL Healthcare Consulting
  • Catherine Rudiger, Vice President Corporate Communications at ICF International

Register now and get ready to talk shop with your peers across the pond. Join the conversation! Share your ideas about best practices for global communications using #iabcacrosstheocean. Also, share your #whyiloveiabc stories!

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