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Share your expertise and make an impact by publishing with SF IABC. Members can submit original blog posts or media for consideration. While we carefully consider all submissions that we receive, submission does not guarantee publication. To increase the chances of having your submission published, please follow these guidelines.


  1. This is a member opportunity. Only submissions from SF IABC members can be published on the SF IABC channels. Learn more about membership opportunities and benefits.
  2. Keep it relevant. We are an association of professional communicators and we welcome content from all corners of the industry, from copywriting to crisis management, from public relations to poster making. However, we want to ensure that everything we share provides value to our readers without alienating them. We do not promote services, nor do we act as a personal blog.
  3. Write with purpose. Whether you are showcasing a new product, a specific technique, or a viewpoint on the industry, do so with a clear goal in mind. Look through some of our past articles for examples. Of course, if you don’t see an article like the one you want to write, that doesn’t mean we won’t accept it. We are always seeking fresh, exciting content, so don’t hesitate to ask if you aren’t sure about a style or an idea.
  4. Write for a general audience. Though we are all communications professionals, we do not all come from the same educational or professional backgrounds. Try to avoid jargon and technical language unless it will be defined.
  5. Express yourself! This is a great space for you to share your thoughts and ideas about emerging practices and unconventional wisdom.
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If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, contact Shayna Keyles, Director of Content Strategy.