The new year may bring new opportunities for you to expand or change your role, enhance your reputation or set some career goals. At a recent SF IABC virtual event, “Dare to Be Deliberate – Level Up Your Career,” executive recruiter, career coach and author Angee Linsey shared advice for supporting your long-term career goals and being more intentional about how you manage your career.

Here are some key takeaways:

Get out of the weeds.

You may need to shift into a more strategic mindset, depending on your career level. Try to balance the tactical, hands-on work with strategy. Change how you think about the work you do. Instead of, “I do communications for…” begin with the end in mind. Focus on business results. How do you help your organization achieve success?

Re-think how you talk about yourself and how you tell your own story.

Be strategic about how you introduce yourself and your work. Lead with the business results. For example, “I lead / provide communications for… and my goal is to drive sales / enhance employees’ understanding of our company’s business strategy / increase our social media reach / successfully assimilate new employees from our latest acquisition.”

Connect strategically with others.

Filter your network, dividing your connections into champions, allies and acquaintances. Strengthen relationships with your champions by finding opportunities to connect with and be of value to them. Engage with your allies regularly via social media or through scheduling a catch-up call. Be a resource for them.

Find a mentor in the leadership team of your organization.

You expand your expertise by learning from their expertise. Plus, you have a built-in reason to stay in contact, providing opportunities for them to coach you or advocate for you.

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Dani Townsend is vice president, Communications, for the San Francisco chapter of IABC and strategic communications leader for CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer.