Membership-based organizations thrive when their members feel welcome, engaged, and intrigued, and this year our board is dedicated to creating the best possible member experience. To that end, we’d like to introduce you all to Suki Baz, our new VP of Membership. A long-time IABC member, Suki joined the San Francisco chapter just this year but was immediately inspired to take a greater role after attending one of our Networking Nine events.

Suki is a practiced communicator with 16 years in the industry, specializing in internal communications strategy. With a wealth of experience and a trove of ideas, she’ll be adding a welcome perspective to our chapter leadership.

Learning From Experience

Like many communicators, Suki’s career path has been anything but straightforward. She pursued a BA in art history to explore her creative passions and love of Art Nouveau, while also sharpening her business acumen with a marketing BA from San Diego State University. Suki leverages strategies learned during her master’s program at Georgetown University’s Public Relations and Corporate Communications program, and serves as an ambassador to share this unique program with other communications professionals.

Building Up The Foundations

While pursuing her undergraduate degrees, Suki gained an appreciation for effective communication within and between departments while working at various art museums and nonprofit organizations. Her true love of internal communications was solidified at Booz Allen Hamilton while consulting on strategic communications for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Suki took the initiative to create an internal comms framework for the department she worked with, and created clear processes for communicating more effectively to the workforce.

For Suki, internal communications is an essential way to connect people, guide the progress of an organizational culture, and reinforce the feedback loop between leaders and the workforce. She puts this philosophy into action at the National Park Service(NPS), where she’s developed a modern internal communications strategy for the hundred year-old highly distributed organization. Suki leads a team to implement the strategy, learn from and build on their wins, and think of new and better ways to engage the workforce.

Most recently, Suki led her team to leverage existing social media platforms to ease integration of a newly redesigned intranet system. Use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn add a social aspect to HR and communication activities, and live-streamed town halls create dynamic and responsive content.

Following A Passion

From a young age, Suki learned that there’s something to be said for doing what you love, and this was exemplified and reinforced by her parents. Her mom is a passionate Celtic harpist who travels the world spreading the pure joy and healing power of music, and her dad is a scientist and wonderful role model for intelligent and well-rounded human beings. Watching her mom live her dream and having her dad as a constant support factor greatly influenced Suki’s life trajectory. She learned to appreciate and support her family while being able to fully live out her goals.

You can often find Suki wandering the halls of the SF MOMA and hiking near Muir Woods, or get in touch with her and learn more about our VP of membership (and our fantastic membership programs) via linkedin and

Written by Shayna Keyles, Director of Content Strategy for SF IABC. Shayna is an editor and strategist based in Oakland; you can reach her on LinkedIn.