With just one month left in my second year as President of SF IABC, my thoughts are (naturally) turned toward reflection. While, yes, the past two years have been a tremendous growth and leadership opportunity for me, what’s coming up more is the gratitude I feel toward my team. I wasn’t sure what leading a team of volunteers would be like and, frankly, I’m humbled by their creativity and dedication.

To honor them and the heart they put into making our members’ experiences great, I want to highlight a few of the remarkable achievements:

  • Redesigned mentoring program with three time period options to allow participants more flexibility in how they engage and build lasting relationships
  • Expanded webinar-based professional development model that allows us to bring educational opportunities to you, wherever you are
  • Geographically diverse networking opportunities throughout the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland and San Ramon, to connect our far-flung members
  • Timely and topical Networking9 conversations that took us from the theoretical to the real
  • Lively and provocative original website content that asked us to see what more we can do as communications leaders

And that’s just what’s been visible to our members! Behind the scenes, we’ve also maximized our use of technology to increase the value of our interactions, completed a massive website content cleanup, retiring content so that what you see is fresh and relevant, and secured strategic partnerships and sponsorships with key companies in the industry to offer additional benefits we couldn’t have done alone.

None of this is possible without the hearts and minds that were focused on making SF IABC a great resource for our members’ professional development and professional connection needs. So, before we close out the year and welcome in a new board, I wanted to take a moment and express my DEEP GRATITUDE for the wonderful people who have helped make this happen. To my board and volunteers…THANK YOU! Please take a quick flip through our yearbook, and check out what each volunteer contributed this year.

2018-2019 SF IABC Board Volunteers

Interested in being part of this tribe for the next board year? Check out our volunteer opportunities.

Jennel McDonald
SF IABC President | Corporate Change Leader | Global Culture Creator | Strategic Relationship Builder | Master Communications Practioner