Natasha Terk will join us and facilitate the discussion.

For independent communicators, the impression you make at your first client meeting and every meeting thereafter can make or break your business. Yet, a lot of us are writers, editors and project managers, not public speakers or presenters. We’re often great at promoting others but not great at promoting ourselves.

Presentation best practices are so important, we encourage all of our independent members (and anyone else interested in the topic) to attend the Independent Communicators’ Roundtable (ICR) meeting, “Making Your Next Client Meeting the Best Ever,” on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 10 a.m. in Oakland.

Meeting expert Natasha Terk will facilitate the session and share lessons she’s learned from delivering thousands of hours of live training since 2004.

While the February meeting will focus on client meetings, we asked Natasha to share some general tips that could apply to any business communicator hosting a meeting.

Natasha’s Top Three Tips for Facilitating Any Meeting

  1. Be clear on what you’re trying to achieve and customize material for your audience. “Planning and sifting material for relevance is necessary to capture and hold your audience’s attention.”
  2. Keep it simple, don’t squander time. “Many people forget that those in attendance can be dying to get back to other tasks in a busy day. Better for a meeting to be too short than too long.”
  3. Learn best practices for meeting facilitation. “It’s not easy to deliver persuasive presentations with data-heavy slides and buried main points. We teach how to develop effective slides and use engaging body language, eye contact and gestures.” At the February ICR meeting, Natasha will discuss how to run effective meetings with potential and future clients.

At the February ICR Meeting You’ll Hear About:

  • Best practices for different types of meetings
  • What makes meetings effective
  • Tips for defining your purpose and your role
  • Meeting preparation tactics and how to add a dramatic hook
  • Effective ways to listen, ask questions, uncover conflict and verify lessons learned
  • Techniques to determine what happens next

By the end of the meeting, Natasha says her goal is for everyone to “have a vision of their next meeting and take away at least three best practices they can apply to every meeting.”

About Natasha

Natasha, owner and managing director of the communication consultancy Adcom Designs and Write It Well, a training business, facilitates webinars and workshops for multinational companies, such as McDonald’s, Visa and Bank of America.

Write It Well offers workshops, webinars, coaching, train-the-trainer and blended programs that “build or deepen measurable, job-relevant communication skills,” she says.

Her company’s business communication self-help book series sold a quarter of a million copies directly through Amazon.

Welcome Aboard

Natasha will soon be joining the SF IABC board as a member of our Professional Development Committee. “I’m looking forward to sharing what I know about what makes learning engaging. And I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from the amazing business communicators in this chapter.” 

Sign Up Now

ICR meetings are free for IABC members and $15 for nonmembers. Space is limited to 15, so sign up now for the Feb. 28 ICR meeting and reserve your spot.

Julie Knight is an award-winning, accredited business communicator. Her clients have included The Walt Disney Company, Starbucks, Cisco Systems, Genentech, McKesson Corporation and Hewlett-Packard, to name a few. Connect with Julie on LinkedIn or