2016 #MyIABC

We asked IABC members from around the world: What does IABC mean to you? Here’s what they said.

What is a Network 9 Meeting?

Networking 9 meetings are a low-stress way to share dinner, conversation and ideas with a small group of fellow IABC members.

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Getting the Word Out: Is Texting Up to the Job in a Disaster?

With 560 billion texts sent worldwide in 2017, texting as a preferred means of communication is inextricably woven into the patchwork of connections that mark our daily lives. Business has embraced texting thanks to impressive open rates that find 90% of recipients...

ICR Connect Provides Value for Solopreneurs

In 2017, the National Bureau of Economic Research concluded that over 16% of U.S. workers were participating in the gig economy, an increase of 56% in the past 10 years. Those numbers reflect the rise in technologies that gave birth to the likes of Uber and Grubhub...