Do you track your steps and monitor your calories with a fitness app? Do you step on the scale each morning or log your REM sleep each night with a heart rate device? As you’ve probably experienced, the things we measure get the most time and effort invested.

As we kick off the 2019-2020 San Francisco IABC chapter board year, measurement is a critical component of our success. Not only do we want to live our chapter’s mission: to ignite our brand, provide growth and visibility opportunities to our members and establish a relevant point of view in our businesses and communities; we also need to ensure we’re delivering on that promise and holding ourselves accountable with every decision we make.

To that end, we’re publicly sharing our strategic goals and measures for the year. We’re building on the cutting-edge programming and hot topic webinars we offered last year and targeting 30% more Bay Area communicators with outreach. We plan to build the pipeline of interest by 10% and convert more local communicators into active and engaged members. And we’re investing in our current membership with leadership programs and other incentives.

2019-2020 SF IABC Strategy on a Page

Chapter Strategic Goals and Measurement

1. Elevate the profile of the association and chapter through targeted outreach and content.


  • Set baseline for identifiable member market, then increase our reach by 30% (through targeted ads, social media, leveraging Poppulo’s LI tool, adding more prospects to our email lists, etc.)
  • Increase the amount of thought leadership content (social media/website stories/articles and types of webinars/events) by 30%

2. Enhance the perception of our value, brand and reputation through active membership, member feedback and event participation.


  • Increase total membership by 10% YOY
  • Increase positive sentiment in member survey YOY (metrics TBD)
  • Increase board member social media participation from avg. 2 posts/member to 10 posts/member

3. Grow and develop the next set of chapter leaders and influencers to sustain the organization.


  • Increase membership pipeline by 10% YOY
  • Maintain active board involvement YOY (retention 75%+)
  • Invest in current board leadership through LI and other programs
  • Explore student outreach/young professionals program

4. Refine the operations of the chapter to be on par with best practices in technology and processes.


  • Consolidate tools from 10+ to less than 10
  • Document all processes
  • Reorganize Google drive (or select better tool)

The year is just kicking off, but the SF IABC chapter has been working behind the scenes in preparation. Mark your calendars and bookmark our website for some incredible, upcoming events, including:

  • Idea Exchange: Make Your Brand Sizzle, Not Fizzle, August 28, San Francisco
  • Networking 9 dinners, September 10, San Francisco and Walnut Creek
  • Change Management Communications, October 2, San Francisco
  • IABC and Workplace by Facebook event, October 29, Menlo Park
  • COMMingle Holiday Party, December 9, San Francisco

Want more on measurement? Check out IABC’s website for a list of recent articles.


Maureen Thompson is president of the San Francisco chapter of IABC and the Global Head of Internal Communications for Box, a leading Cloud Content Management platform.